Course Coordinator’s Guidelines for
Pre-conference Courses

  1. The registration for the 22nd IPS PG Convention is mandatory for the course coordinators & Co-coordinators.
  2. All the course coordinators need to apply at
  3. The course coordinator should preferably be a Prosthodontist. Prior approval needs to be taken for a non Prosthodontist.
  4. One coordinator and 3 co-coordinators can conduct a Pre-convention course. (Maximum 4 Faculty)
  5. CV of course coordinators with abstract (300 words), contact details, email id, address, photographs and duration of course should be provided. (As per the Format Template attached)
  6. All the course materials are to be brought and arranged by the coordinators (both text related and Work/Hands-on related).
  7. Demonstration along with hands-on is mandatory.
  8. Each session, which includes lecture, demo and hands-on shall last to a maximum of 4 hours.
  9. The organizers will not pay any remuneration .
  10. A room with basic audio-visual facility, which includes a display output and a sound system as per the required delegate capacity will be provided.
  11. Prior approval of the committee is required for lecture only courses.
  12. Other requirements for conducting the course need to be specified and the feasibility to provide the same shall be communicated to the concerned coordinator by the organizing committee.
  13. The course, if supported or sponsored by any company requires payment for the trade stall, if applicable.
  14. The organizing committee shall not take the responsibility in registering the delegates to any pre-convention course.
  15. The paid convention courses are selected only on invite by the organizing committee.
  16. The decision of the scientific committee shall be final and binding in all situations.
  17. The pre-convention course should have a minimum provision for 20 hands- on.
  18. Last date of submission of entries will be 31st December 2019. The committee will inform the selected course mentors personally.
  19. The pre-convention course shall stand cancelled if it does not have 50% of required registered delegates by 31st January 2020.
  20. Printed materials may be provided by the course coordinators, with the conference particulars mentioned.
  21. Feedbacks are to be taken from the students on the prescribed forms and submitted to the scientific committee at the end of the session.